Return your Maserati

Return Your Maserati

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1 Prepare to return your Maserati

60 days before you turn in your vehicle

Evaluate wear and use

As you get to the end of your lease, we want to help you make your turn-in as simple as possible. As detailed in your Lease Agreement, we may bill you for the following excess wear and use items:

  • Holes, tears, burns, stains, strong odors or excessively worn areas in the carpet, other interior surfaces or convertible top.
  • Scratches, chips, dents, pits, rust, holes or cracks in the wheels or exterior surfaces, windshield or other glass surfaces or metal work.
  • Cracked, broken, or missing windows, doors, lights, trim, mirrors, or antennae.
  • Missing, damaged or nonworking mechanical equipment, safety or emissions control equipment, electrical or other parts or accessories.
  • Damage to the vehicle's frame or alignment.
  • Damage due to improper, poor quality or incomplete repairs or paint work. You also will remain liable to us for the full cost of any such items resulting from intentional or willful abuse or misuse.
  • Any wear and use related to tires. Tire tread must be at least 1/8” (4/32”) at the lowest point and may not contain any other damages. Make sure that all tires match and are comparable quality to the original equipment. For tires to be considered properly matched, tires on the same axel must match in brand, load rating and speed rating. Additionally, all four tires on the vehicle must match in size (except for vehicles requiring staggered sized from front to rear). Also make sure to remove snow tires prior to your pre-inspection. Other items may be excluded as set forth in the Lease Agreement.
  • Any missing manuals or missing or nonworking keys or remote entry devices.

Schedule a pre-inspection

  • Schedule a pre-inspection online or contact us to make the appointment.
  • Make your appointment at least 45 days before your turn-in date to ensure you can get one that fits your schedule.
  • You can review your online condition report about 24 hours after your appointment.
  • If you don’t get a pre-inspection, we’ll still complete an inspection after you turn-in your vehicle, but you won’t have the ability to make repairs. Any excess wear and use charges will appear on your final bill.

Notify us of any recent repairs

  • If you make repairs to reduce your end-of-term liability, let us know before you return your vehicle by sending a secure message at
  • All repairs must be completed by a licensed repair facility. Please include receipts for all repairs.

Do you need more time?

  • If you need more time to get the Maserati vehicle you want, or you’re not sure if you want to purchase or turn-in your current vehicle, you may qualify to extend your lease.
  • To request a one-time 6-month extension on your current lease, send us a secure message at or contact us to see if you’re eligible.
  • Continue making your payments during the extension term. If you have automatic payments set up, please review them as they may not automatically continue. For questions about automatic payments, call us at 1-844-868-2159.

2 Return your Maserati

Get your vehicle ready to turn in

  • Remove all of your personal items from the vehicle.
  • Clear any personal information from the technology in the vehicle.

Return your vehicle to the Maserati dealer

  • Turn in any items that came with your Maserati when you first leased it, including keys, manuals and cargo covers. You may be charged for any missing items.
  • Complete, sign and date an odometer statement and return it to us.

3 Complete your Maserati return

Finish these steps to complete your return

  • Complete the Digital Lease Turn-in form or contact us within 1 business day of vehicle turn-in to ensure that we have the correct date and information to calculate your lease-end bill, if you have one.
  • Pay your lease-end bill. If you have charges at the end of your lease, your bill will arrive about 30–60 days after the vehicle is returned. If you turn-in your vehicle early, or there’s a situation where the vehicle has to be sold, expect your bill about 90–120 days after turn-in.

Maserati loyalty program

Leasing your current Maserati?

You may qualify for the Lease Loyalty Program if you currently lease your Maserati. With this program, any disposition fee you may owe under your current lease will be waived.

To take part of the program, you’ll need to:

  • Return your current leased vehicle.
  • Finance or lease a new vehicle through Maserati Capital USA within 90 days of turning in your leased vehicle.

Additional lease-end options

Get a new Maserati

The greatest road is the one that lies ahead of you. As your lease comes to an end, learn what you need to know to purchase or lease a new Maserati.

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Purchase current or early turn-in

If you’re not ready to purchase or lease a new Maserati, you can purchase your current vehicle. If you’re not at the end of your lease, but you’re ready for a new vehicle, make sure you understand the financial impact of early turn-in.

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If you decide to schedule a pre-inspection, it must be completed no more than 60 days prior to turn-in. If you turn in your vehicle more than 60 days after the completion of your pre-inspection, that inspection will expire. Please call us if you have an expired pre-inspection and we'll explain the next steps. If your lease originated in NH/WI: The pre-inspection must be completed within 15 days prior to turn-in. The holder's inspection after the termination of the lease shall be conclusive unless the NH/WI lessee obtains a counter-inspection.

You may have purchased an optional product(s) to cover costs associated with repairing the vehicle and to reduce or avoid end of term charges. If so, please carefully review the benefits and exclusions of any optional products you purchased. Contact your dealer to complete any covered repairs prior to turn-in.

Only one 6-month lease term extension is permitted for the duration of your lease.

If you’re leasing your current Maserati through Maserati Capital USA (MCUSA), the Maserati Lease Loyalty Program could bring you more savings on your next Maserati. Under the Lease Loyalty Program, we will waive any disposition (turn-in) fee owed on your current leased Maserati. Offer is valid for all current MCUSA lessees who return the leased vehicle and finance or lease a new Maserati vehicle through MCUSA within 90 days of the turn-in date.