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Lease vs. purchase

  • With a lease, you can choose a new vehicle with the latest technology and features every 36 to 48 months.
  • You may enjoy lower monthly payments, fewer maintenance costs and flexible mileage options.
  • At lease maturity, trade in your Maserati and get a new Maserati.

Maserati loyalty program

Leasing your current Maserati?

You may qualify for the Lease Loyalty Program if you currently lease your Maserati. With this program, any disposition fee you may owe under your current lease will be waived.

To take part of the program, you'll need to:

  • Return your current leased vehicle
  • Finance or lease a new vehicle through Maserati Capital USA within 90 days of turning in your leased vehicle

If you're leasing your current Maserati through Maserati Capital USA (MCUSA), the Maserati Lease Loyalty Program could bring you more savings on your next Maserati. Under the Lease Loyalty Program, we will waive any disposition (turn-in) fee owed on your current leased Maserati. Offer is valid for all current MCUSA lessees who return the leased vehicle and finance or lease a new Maserati vehicle through MCUSA within 90 days of the turn-in date.