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1 Only one six-month lease term extension is permitted for the duration of your lease.

2 If you decide to schedule a pre-inspection, it must be completed by the 15th day prior to your maturity date. Pre-inspections expire after 60 days. Contact us if you have an expired pre-inspection, and we'll explain the next steps. If your lease originated in NH/WI: The pre-inspection must be completed within 15 days prior to turn-in. Our inspection after the termination of the lease shall be conclusive unless you obtain a counter-inspection.

3 You may have purchased an optional product(s) to cover costs associated with repairing the vehicle and to reduce or avoid end of term charges. If so, please carefully review the benefits and exclusions of any optional products you purchased. Contact your dealer to complete any covered repairs prior to turn-in.

4 See note 3 above.

5 Offer is valid for all current Maserati Capital USA (MCUSA) lessees who: (a) Return the leased vehicle no earlier than 180 days prior to the originally contracted maturity date and no later than the originally contracted maturity date, or if extended, no later than the extended maturity date, and (b) Within 30 days of vehicle return, finance or lease a new Maserati vehicle through MCUSA. Verification of current MCUSA lease may be required. This is an ongoing offer, but the program may be discontinued by MCUSA at any time without notice. Disposition fees are not charged on leases originated in Wisconsin. By contacting your Maserati dealer about this offer, they will know that you are a valued Chase customer. Please contact your financial advisor for tax implications. New leases and financing through MCUSA are subject to credit approval. Additional terms and conditions apply. 

6 This tool provides estimates based on the current odometer mileage you enter, and the total miles allowed during the term of the lease. Your final mileage and potential charges are determined at lease end. Do not use this Mileage Estimator if you have extended the term of your lease. For lease extensions, your Mileage Allowance will be pro-rated on a monthly basis. If you have questions, please refer to your lease agreement or contact us

7 Predicted Mileage is an estimate based on: dividing the Current mileage by the total number of days since your lease start date; the value from this calculation is then multiplied by the remaining number of days in the lease; and the result is then combined with the Current mileage resulting in the Predicted Total Miles at Lease-End. This is only an estimate. Actual mileage will be determined when your vehicle is turned in.

8 Under your lease, the excess mileage charge is either $0.15 or $0.30 for each mile that exceeds your mileage allowance. Refer to your agreement to determine your mileage limit and excess charges.